Stick war walkthrough

stick war walkthrough

n The Archidons are a simple unit who can easily be renders useless with a single user. Well this is a first but i need help with this game on this level. The giant comes after you very quickly across the field. Now i can get enough units. Stick war game walkthrough enjoy! alsoCheck out the game review at. Click 'Allow' to play Stick War 2! The same thing goes with the archers, if you go way up or down, you might dodge the magikill's stun attack and you can attack from behind, but these units are they only one with the giant that don't get insta killed from the back. Limit my search to this forum. Remember the ambush level? Most visited articles Strategies Spearton Stick War 2 Giants Swordwrath Magikill Miner. Get a swordwrath out ASAP! Every time one swordwrath dies, get another swordwrath. And if you start off with the wrong combo you should restart. LEVEL 8 ARCHIDON AND SPEARTON: Use this guy and smash the enemy statue down. This time, you may not actually need the backup, but you might want to speed things up a little. With our publishing program, we can help get your games to millions of users on multiple platforms!

Stick war walkthrough Video

Stick War 2 - Let's Play, Part 9 - THE UNDEADS He can kill any enemy swordwrath on the way, and attempt to kill all the enemy miners. Your units won't attack the enemy statue, but if the enemy units approach your statue they will attack the enemy units. Dec 17, 3: Action Rennspiele Ballerspiele Sport Strategie Puzzle io Spiele Browsergames. Keep exploring Kongregate with more badges and games! Then press the attack button and watch the fun. stick war walkthrough

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